Gabrielatos, C. (1997). A question of function: Teacher questions in the EFL classroom. Paper given at 18th Annual TESOL Greece Convention, National Bank of Greece Training Centre, Glyfada, Greece, 12-13 April 1997.

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Are we asking effective questions? Are we aware of the type of questions we are asking? Are we clear about the function of our questions?


This paper will investigate different types of questions and their pedagogical implications for the teaching/learning of EFL. The paper focuses on genuine questions, that is question forms which require an answer, but also gives examples of questions which perform other functions.


Key words


Questions, elicitation, English language teaching, language teaching methodology, EFL, ESL, ESOL, ELT, TESOL.


Relevant details


Abstract, slides and handout from my paper at the 18th Annual TESOL Greece Convention, Athens, Greece, 12-13 April 1997.



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Gabrielatos, C. (1992). Teaching communication and interaction strategies: An action research project with Greek teenagers at intermediate level. Project submitted in partial fulfilment of the RSA/Cambridge Diploma for Overseas Teachers of English.

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Gabrielatos, C. (1993). Learning how to fish: Fostering fluency and independence. TESOL Greece Newsletter 38, 23-26.