Gabrielatos, C. (2004). Discerning reality: Lesson observation as research. IATEFL Teacher Trainers and Educators SIG Newsletter 3/2004, 5-8.

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The observation of lessons, a central aspect of teacher preparation and development, is a sensitive issue for both observers and observed, all the more so when the observations are carried out for the purpose of evaluation or assessment.


Observing lessons in order to make any type of evaluative comment poses two interrelated problems. The one concerns the quantity and quality of insights an observed lesson affords into the normal classroom practices of the observed teachers, and, consequently, their abilities and professionalism. The other concerns the psychological effects of the observation on teachers, and the attendant influence on their preparation for, and behaviour during, the lesson.


Key words


Lesson/classroom observation, research, triangulation, teacher training, teacher education, teacher preparation, teacher development, professionalism.


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