Gabrielatos, C. (1994). Minding our Ps. Current Issues 3, 5-8.

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In this article I will take a critical look at the content and format of the 'grammar lesson' as currently favoured by teachers and materials designers alike in the field of TEFL; namely the Presentation-Practice-Production (PPP) structure. In the discussion of the merits and shortcomings/limitations of this structure I will draw on (a) current views on TEFL methodology, (b) relevant theoretical assumptions and empirical findings in the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), and (c) two theoretical models in cognitive psychology relevant to SLA.


Key words


Grammar, PPP, tasks, awareness-raising, consciousness-raising, English language teaching, language teaching methodology, EFL, ESL, ELT, TESOL.


Relevant details

The article is partly based on an essay I wrote as part of my Masterís degree.


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